Monday, July 9, 2012

Penalty kicks

Soccer Game: Penalty kicks

1) This game is played with a soccer ball and net. (Another ball can be substituted if you don't have a soccer ball.)
2) It is played with 2 players.
3) Make a mark that each player has to stand behind to shoot on each shot. Each player can stand as far away from the line as they want, but must not stand on or in front of the line.
4) The other player plays goalkeeper and tries to block the kicks.
5) The goal is to get the ball in the net the most in five kicks.
6) After five kicks are taken by player 1, the other player kicks and player 1 plays goalkeeper.
7) Whoever scores the most in five kicks wins.
8) If score is tied after five kicks, then sudden death happens and the first player to score a goal in that round wins. Players alternate between kicker and goalkeeper after each kick. If player 1 scores, player 2 must score on that round or player 1 will win.

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